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Marseilles: Recently, this news is going viral on the internet in which a parrot identified itself to the policemen and found its owner.

A West African gray parrot that was stolen in France three years ago has been reunited with its owner after a surprising sequence of events, according to media reports. Last week, a vendor was trying to sell a parrot near the Old Port in the French city of Marseilles when police passed by.

It is important to note that this breed is protected by law, which makes their sale illegal. When the police examined the bird, which had no identification ring, the parrot began to say “Jecko, Jecko”. This name is traditional for parrots in France.

A police officer present at the scene recalled that a citizen had reported his African gray parrot of that name missing in 2020. He told everyone at the police station that the parrot’s sign is that he will tell his own name, which is Jacko.

French newspaper ‘La Provence’ reported that the owner was reported to have found his parrot after the citizen went to meet his missing parrot at a charity animal shelter and the bird started calling its name when it saw its owner.

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