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The Tomato Festival is celebrated in Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year. Photo: Twitter

The Tomato Festival is celebrated in Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year. Photo: Twitter

Madrid: In Spain, more than 15,000 citizens and tourists participated in the Tomato War, in which tomatoes were thrown at each other and the children jumped in tomato juice.

Tomatoes are guaranteed to add flavor to meals while also being eaten with snacks in the form of ketchup to add flavor. Tomatoes are thrown on the stage even if they don’t like the acting and many disliked politicians also have to eat tomatoes. Not in the form of a mouthful, but directly on your face.

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Spain is a country where tomatoes have a distinct importance and recognition. A world famous game is also played here which is celebrated as an annual festival. It’s like a war where tomatoes are the weapon.

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Citizens go to a closed street and shower tomatoes on each other. This year also this game was celebrated like a celebration. In which 15 thousand citizens participated and 120 tons i.e. 120 thousand kilos of tomatoes hit each other.

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With such a large number of tomatoes being ‘hit’, the streets were filled ankle-deep with tomato pulp and started to look like pools of ketchup. Several cars were filled with tomato juice, into which children dived and jumped into pools of ketchup.

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Locals call it the Tomato Festival, which has been celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year since 1945. This year too, it was celebrated in the village of Bonol near Spain. Tickets for the festival start at 12 euros ($13) per person.

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Earlier only locals participated in this festival, but in the 1980s, the festival gained media attention and became a worldwide phenomenon, attracting large numbers of tourists.

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Now it has become a festival with international tourism attraction. Even the increasing prices of tomatoes did not dull the color of this festival and every face covered with tomatoes in the festival was smiling as if you were saying that the tomato has become a tomato.

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