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Melbourne: There is an amazing phenomenon in England where twin sisters have given birth to children at the same time.

According to media reports, the names of the two sisters are Gillian Gogos and Nicole Patrikokas and both have been conjoined since childhood. Even got pregnant at the same time.

Gillian gave birth to her son at 1.20pm on August 22 and just five hours later her nephew Nicole’s son was born. Gillian told media representatives that whatever happens, you can’t make such a plan for one time.

He also said that we both sisters have always done everything together in life so this incident is also an example of that. Also, the similarities don’t stop there as both babies were delivered by the same Dr. Joseph Sigroi.

Regarding the incident, the doctor said that it is not normal. It is also not common for twin sisters to give birth at the same time or on the same day. Moreover, the weight of both the children was 3.5 kg. The doctor also said that these infants are more like biological brothers than cousins.

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