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Oslo: After a man’s massive discovery of gold with a metal detector in Norway, a family has now discovered artifacts dating back more than a thousand years with the same device.

According to BBC News, a family named Asvek discovered artifacts that appear to be from the Viking Age.

Experts believe the artefacts were used in the burial of a Viking woman on the small island of Jomfroland in the 9th century. The discovery was made under a tree in the middle of the Asvik family’s garden on an island off the southern coast of Norway.

Cultural Heritage of Westfold and Telemark County Council wrote in a social media website that they congratulate the family who discovered the first preserved Viking Age artefacts in Jomfroland.

Westfold and Telemark County Council archaeologist Vibek Lia told Live Science that the major artefact found in the grave is an oval brooch that a woman would have worn to fasten a shoulder cloak to the front. Such brooches are commonly found in the graves of Viking women and their style was characteristic of the 9th century.

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