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America, 68-year-old wife shot her 80-year-old husband, Photo: File

America, 68-year-old wife shot her 80-year-old husband, Photo: File

In America, an 80-year-old husband decided to divorce his 62-year-old wife due to stealing, cheating and stealing money by forging a $10,000 check, on which the woman shot her husband.

According to the American media, there was a separation between the husband and wife for a few months, but they were living in two separate parts of the same house. The husband had sent the documents to prepare for the divorce.

Late at night, the woman came to the room of her husband who is on his death bed and requested not to divorce him, but the husband refused to change the decision of divorce, calling his wife a thief and a cheater.

On which the wife got angry and started fighting. She took out the husband’s pistol from the drawer and fired a shot that hit the palm of the 80-year-old almost dead husband.

Neighbors informed the police after hearing the sound of firing. The police arrested the woman and registered a case while the husband was shifted to the hospital where the condition is said to be out of danger.

Police say that the 80-year-old husband has been suffering from various diseases for a long time and is bedridden.

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