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72-year-old Jill Biden tested positive for Corona, Photo: File

72-year-old Jill Biden tested positive for Corona, Photo: File

Washington: President Joe Biden was about to go to the summit of G-20 countries, but before that, his wife, 72-year-old Jill Biden, fell ill with Corona.

According to the American media, the first lady Jill Biden took a corona test after showing minor symptoms, and when she got positive, she quarantined herself at home, where she is under the supervision of a doctor.

Jill Biden was also infected in August last year and exactly one year later she again fell victim to this deadly virus. Jill Biden also administered the Corona vaccine.

After his wife’s corona test came positive, 80-year-old Joe Biden was also tested for corona, which came back negative. He was also supposed to go to India to attend the G-20 meeting on Thursday, but now the decision will be taken by the doctor’s team.

It should be remembered that the number of corona cases in America has increased this month and the number of patients suffering from corona in hospitals has increased.

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