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Biden slams US Supreme Court as ‘unbalanced’ at fundraiser with Obama, Clooney and Julia Roberts – vopbuzz

Biden slams US Supreme Court as unbalanced at fundraiser with.cms

NEW DELHI: USA President Joe Biden He harshly criticized the Supreme Court and said it had never been “as unbalanced as it is today.” He made this statement at a star-studded gathering. Donation Former President Barack Obama also attended the event. Hollywood stars According to the campaign, names such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Barbra Streisand raised an impressive $28 million in donations.
“The Supreme Court has never been as unbalanced as it is today,” Biden said, holding back from any open attack on the Supreme Court.
“The truth is, there has never been a more unconventional court,” Biden said. He noted that conservative Justice Clarence Thomas said the court, which struck down a half-century-old federal abortion right, should reconsider issues such as in vitro fertilization and birth control.
Since Biden came to power, the Supreme Court has made many decisions on gay rights, gun control and environmental regulation. He blocked the president’s agenda on immigration, student loans, vaccine mandates and climate change. Notably, Trump nominated three of the six conservatives who control the nine-member court.
This star-studded event is designed to energize potential supporters for the month ahead in November Participants highlighted this as one of the most important events in the country’s history.
Biden and former President Barack Obama emphasized the importance of defeating former President Donald Trump in an interview with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in what is expected to be a tight race. Kimmel asked if the country was experiencing amnesia about the presumptive Republican nominee, and Biden responded, “All we have to do is remember what it was like during Trump’s presidency.”
The event featured performances by Jack Black and Sheryl Lee Ralph, while actors Kathryn Hahn and Jason Bateman introduced Kimmel, who then introduced Biden and Obama. Kimmel emphasized that the election carries great risks, touching on the importance of expanding women’s rights, health care and voting rights.
The event loomed large for Biden, who arrived from Italy after wrapping up a G7 summit spanning nine time zones and stressed the importance of the fundraiser to his re-election efforts.
But that meant missing a summit in Switzerland focused on ending Russia’s war in Ukraine, with Vice President Kamala Harris representing the United States instead, emphasizing the delicate balance between geopolitics and Biden’s second-term bid.
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