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(Photo: Internet)

(Photo: Internet)

London: Britain has banned the activities of Wagner, a private mercenary group in Russia, as a terrorist organization.

According to international news agencies, the British Home Office issued a statement declaring it illegal to be a member of a group designated as a terrorist or to support it in any way. The draft has been presented in the Parliament.

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British Home Secretary Sylva Bryoman also described the Wagner group as violent and destructive, saying the organization acted as Putin’s military tool outside of Russia. This group has been involved in violence and massacres in Ukraine, Middle East and Africa as well.

He also described the Wagner Group as a threat to global security. “Simply put, they are terrorists and the British law is very clear to ban them,” Suella Brewman said.

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The British government’s decision to designate him as a terrorist is likely to come into effect on September 13, after which it will be possible to be associated with or part of the Wagner Group’s propaganda, or to organize or participate in any of the group’s activities. Using it will be considered a crime and punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

The head of foreign affairs of the British opposition Labor Party, David Lemmy, expressed his reaction on X (formerly Twitter), saying that the decision has come after a long delay. The British government should now push for a special tribunal to try Russian President Putin for crimes of aggression.

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