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The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is trying to recruit more Russians as spies, has released a video targeting Moscow officials, urging them to tell the truth about the system In which it is said that he is full of lying sycophants.

CIA Director William Burns said in July that discontent among some Russians over the war in Ukraine was creating a rare opportunity for spy recruitment and that the CIA was not letting it go.

The agency released a video on social media in Russian titled “Why I contacted the CIA – for myself”, which apparently shows a Russian officer walking through the snow in what looks like a Russian city .

“I stressed to everyone that it is dishonest to distort the truth in reports, but those who stepped forward did just that,” the voiceover says in Russian.

“Earlier I believed the truth had some value,” the video shows as an actor playing a Russian official enters a Russian government building and passes over Russia’s two-headed eagle.

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“People around you may not want to hear the truth. But we want to hear the truth,” the video says, before detailing how to contact the CIA, based in Langley, Virginia. “Honesty is rewarded.”

Following the 9/11 attacks and major failures in the US war in Iraq, US and British spy agencies claimed an intelligence victory over the Russian invasion of Ukraine by providing advance warning about the Kremlin’s plans.

It is so difficult for Western spies to operate in Moscow that they developed “Moscow Rules” in the Soviet era to avoid complacency. It has been updated for modern Russia.

Russia has accused Britain and the United States of supporting Ukraine in an attempt to isolate Russia and seize its natural resources – a claim Washington and London deny.

Putin, a former KGB spy in what used to be East Germany, has restored some influence to the once-powerful Soviet intelligence agencies, although the CIA says the Kremlin chief needs information about the real situation in Ukraine before his decisions. There was little information. to invade.

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