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Ecuador stops visa waivers for Chinese citizens due to increase in irregular migration – vopbuzz

Ecuador ends visa exemption for Chinese citizens due to increase in irregular migration

Ecuador‘S Ministry of Foreign Affairs He said it was effectively reinstated on Tuesday. visa requirement for travelers China was referred to the increase in irregular migration flows from the Asian country.
In a statement posted on social media, the ministry said it had suspended an agreement with China that eliminated the need for visas for travelers.The report also noted that many Chinese travelers are exceeding the allowed 90-day period, and some are potentially using Ecuador as a stepping stone to other destinations in the region. The ministry also said that almost half of visitors from the country in recent months did not depart from normal routes on time.
Responding to a question about the suspension of Ecuador’s visa exemption, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian said on Tuesday that China is firmly opposed to any visa exemption. human trafficking. “The agreement on mutual visa exemption between China and Ecuador… has played an important and positive role in promoting cross-border travel and practical cooperation in various fields between the two countries.”
Since 2022, Ecuador has seen an increase in the number of Chinese citizens entering its territory without reporting their departure. The foreign ministry said that while 66,189 Chinese travelers entered the country between 2023 and 2024, only 34,209 were recorded as leaving, meaning about 32,000 were not recorded as leaving Ecuador. Most Chinese citizens coming to Ecuador head to the United States, mostly through so-called routes. Darien GapThe Ministry added.

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