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Former CIA analyst says Kim Jong Un does not look healthy – vopbuzz

Former CIA analyst says Kim Jong Un does not look.cms

Based on images of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s On Wednesday, former CIA North Korea analyst Sue Mi Terry said Kim did not appear healthy. “When I looked at Kim Jong Un, my first reaction was, ‘Oof, he doesn’t look so great to me,'” Terry told CNN. “There was a period when he lost some weight and looked better.So my initial reaction was that he wasn’t looking at it from a health standpoint because his health is something we always monitor anyway,” Terry said.
Another thing the previous ones did CIA analyst It was noteworthy how Kim made a big deal about Putin’s arrival. He argued that the red carpet for Putin made North Korea look like a normal country.
Putin was greeted on the red carpet during his state visit to Pyongyang on Wednesday, receiving a military parade and embracing North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, with both vowing to forge closer ties. Kim praised a “new era” in relations as he began summit talks with Putin, and Putin thanked his host for supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine.
“We highly appreciate your systematic and persistent support for Russian policy, including the Ukraine issue,” Putin said, according to Russian state media. said.
After the welcome ceremony in Kim Il Sung Square, which included a military band and mass synchronized dances, Putin invited his host to visit Russia.
While Putin said at the beginning of Wednesday’s talks that a “new founding document” that would determine the framework of relations in the long term was ready to be signed, Kim spoke passionately about the allies’ ties. According to Russian news agencies, Kim said, “Relations between our countries are entering a new period of development that is incomparable even to the period of Korean-Soviet relations of the last century.” said.
The summit was the second meeting in a year, after Kim traveled to Russia’s far east on his bulletproof train last September to hold a summit with Putin at a spaceport.
Limousine, tea set, work of art: Gift exchange
A Russian-made limousine, tea set and artwork were among the gifts exchanged between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Kim Jong Un.
In February, Putin gifted car enthusiast Kim with a Russian-made Auruses.
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