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‘George Floyd 3.0’: Missouri prison guards charged with murder in shooting of black man – vopbuzz

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Four Missouri prison guards He was charged with murder and a fifth with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the December death of Othel Moore Jr., a 38-year-old Black man. According to a complaint filed Friday, Moore was pepper sprayed, his face covered with a mask and left in a position that caused him to suffocate while in custody at a correctional facility.
The incident occurred on December 8, 2023, when a group of guards from the Department of Corrections Emergency Response Team were scanning one of the housing units for contraband. During the screening, Moore was pepper sprayed twice and then placed on a spit spit. hood, leg wrap and protection seat. He was then moved to separate accommodation and left in a hood, bandage and chair for 30 minutes, despite hearing many people say they couldn’t breathe. Moore was eventually taken to the hospital wing, where he was pronounced dead.
The coroner ruled that Moore’s cause of death was: positional asphyxiationand the events were recorded on the prison’s video surveillance system. “After sitting down and reviewing all the evidence, dozens of interviews, all the reports, we determined that charges were appropriate,” Cole County prosecutor Locke Thompson said.
Moore’s family attorney, Andrew Stroth, described the incident as “george floyd 3.0 in a prison,” and alleged a pattern of racist and unconstitutional abuse within the Missouri Department of Prisons, specifically the Jefferson City Correctional Facility.
The complaint charges Justin Leggins, Jacob Case, Aaron Brown and Gregory Varner with each count of second-degree murder and accessory to second-degree assault. A fifth guard, Bryanne Bradshaw, is charged with accessory to involuntary manslaughter. Those charged with felony murder face 10 to 30 years in prison.
Moore’s family filed a lawsuit against the officers and the Department of Corrections, claiming that the attack on Moore was not an isolated incident but a manifestation of a barbaric pattern and practice encouraged by the highest-ranking members of the Missouri Department of Corrections.
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