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German police remove pro-Palestinian protesters from Berlin University – vopbuzz

German police remove pro Palestinian protesters from Berlin University vopbuzz.cms

BERLIN: german police Exonerated nearly 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators University of Berlin On Thursday, the faculty ended one of the waves of student-led protests across Europe. Israel’s behavior In his war against Hamas.
Activists occupied many rooms of the building. Humboldt Universityon Wednesday at the Institute for Social Sciences in downtown Berlin.
Student Coalition Berlin, which organized the protest, called on the university to “take an active role in ending the genocide against the Palestinian people and their decades-long suffering” in a statement published on social media.
After meetings with protest leaders, university administrators agreed to let them stay until Thursday evening. However, when some of them refused to leave, they called the police, German news agency dpa reported.
Police spokeswoman Beate Ostertag said some demonstrators left the building voluntarily, but police officers had to remove others from the building. Police said approximately 130 people were briefly detained during the operation, in which officers broke down several barricaded doors.
Student protests regarding the war that started in Gaza in the USA spread to university campuses in many European countries. This week, there were protests at universities in cities including Munich and Leipzig in Germany.
Berlin authorities took a tough stance against anti-Israel demonstrations, calling on police to intervene if demonstrators used slogans that could incite hatred against Jews; this was taboo in a country steeped in memories of the Holocaust.
“There is no place for hate and anti-Semitism in Berlin and in our universities,” said Burkard Dregger, a member of parliament from the Christian Democratic Union that leads the Berlin state government.
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