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As the election approaches, the Modi government's propaganda cell has become active and active, Photo: File

As the election approaches, the Modi government’s propaganda cell has become active and active, Photo: File

The former Indian High Commissioner also described the Pakistan Air Force’s Operation Swift Retort as Modi’s success.

As elections approach, Modi government’s cheap publicity tactics are on the rise. Surprisingly, after many years of silence, Ajay Bisaria suddenly appeared and became a tool of Modi propaganda.

Ajay Basaria claimed that after the arrest of Abhinandan in Pakistan, the Modi government had decided to launch 9 missiles at Pakistan and Modi had not responded to the repeated calls of the Pakistani Prime Minister.

On the other hand, analysts say that the purpose of this new propaganda of Modi is the upcoming elections. The recent drama and the grand opening of the Ram Mandir are also aimed at garnering votes by stoking religious and anti-Pakistan sentiments ahead of the elections.

Similarly, the defense experts also said on the ridiculous statement of the Modi government that India’s claim that Pakistan had released Abhinandan out of fear by the army which invaded India in broad daylight and shot down two of its ships is a joke. Nothing more.

Defense experts praised Pakistan’s behavior and said that Pakistan had shown great responsibility in releasing the Indian prisoner to prevent the spread of war.

Defense experts further said that Pakistan responded to India’s attack in the dark of night in the light of day. India dropped bombs in an open area but claimed it was a strike on a terrorist camp.

Defense experts admitted that unlike the Indian attack, Pakistan’s response was sharp, nimble and true to its claim.

It should be remembered that the Modi government has made many such false claims in the past as well, which have been exposed by international media and experts.

Earlier, India claimed that 300 terrorists were killed in an attack on Pakistan, but Al Jazeera’s report disproved it by revealing that the Indian bomb fell in an open area.

Similarly, after Pakistan Air Force’s Operation Swift Retort on India, India falsely claimed to have shot down Pakistani F-16, which was also proved false by Pentagon, Christine Fair and many Indian defense analysts.

Earlier, former Governor of Occupied Kashmir Satya Pal Malik, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and many other leaders and journalists have revealed the fakeness of the Pulwama attack.

Similarly, Prashant Bhushan, Mamata Banerjee and Ravish Kumar have also blamed the Modi government for the Pulwama drama.

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