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More than 400 people have died in Manipur riots so far (Photo: File)

More than 400 people have died in Manipur riots so far (Photo: File)

New Delhi: It has been revealed that Modi government’s state weapons have been used in the ongoing civil war in the Indian state of Manipur.

Since May 3 this year, a series of violent incidents have continued in the Indian state of Manipur, while the ethnic conflict between the Meti and Kuki tribes has not yet ended.

It has been confirmed by the Manipur Police that arms and ammunition were looted from various police stations and armories in the northeastern state, while incidents of looting have been reported from various districts of the state. According to the police report, 5668 rifles and other weapons were looted.

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According to the FIR filed by the Indian Rifles Commando Battalion at the Indian Police Station, miscreants stormed their headquarters in Khabisoi on May 28. People seized 322 INSAS rifles, AF rifles, assault rifles and various other modern ammunition.

Another FIR registered with the police said that along with various sophisticated weapons, bullet proof jackets, cell guard helmets and fiber sticks were also stolen.

According to Indian media, the weapons were recovered in 2 stages. The first was returned before May 3 and the second on or after May 27. According to Hindustan Times report, since May 2023, 1118 people have been injured, 33 people are missing and 5172 cases of arson have taken place in Manipur riots. Indian politicians are pleading with the people to return their weapons and they have also asked for more time to convince the people to surrender.

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