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Indonesia’s Mount Ibu erupts as disaster agency warns of possible flooding and cold lava flows – vopbuzz

Indonesias Mount Ibu erupts as disaster agency warns of possible.cms

Jakarta: A volcano inside IndonesiaThe country’s volcanology department (PVMBG) said the island of Halmahera in the country’s east spewed a five-kilometer-high ash cloud on Saturday. disaster agency warned of potential flash flood and cold lava flow.
explosion Mount Ibu at 11:03 am (0203 GMT), following a series of explosions in the area. MayAuthorities prompted the evacuation of seven nearby villages after noticing an increase in volcanic activity starting in April.
“The ash column is thick gray in color and tilts towards the southwest,” the agency said, adding that residents and tourists should maintain a distance of at least 7 km from the active crater.
In the images shared by the agency, it is seen that the volcano spews ash, the ash gradually becomes denser and eventually disperses.
Indonesia’s disaster management agency BNPB He told local officials to anticipate secondary disasters such as flash floods and cold lava flows. Analysis by the country’s meteorological office shows the region has the potential for moderate to heavy rainfall, although it does not specify when it will occur.
BNPB chief Suharyanto said, “If material from the explosion has accumulated, it must be cleared immediately because it is dangerous. If there is heavy rain, flash floods may occur, causing damage and many deaths.” He said in a statement on Friday.
The volcano has been at PVMBG’s highest alert level since May 16. Mount Ibu’s latest activity follows a series of eruptions at other volcanoes in Indonesia, which lies on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and has 127 active volcanoes.
Flash floods and cold lava flows from Mount Marapi, one of the most active volcanoes in West Sumatra province, covered many nearby areas following a downpour on May 11, killing at least 67 people and leaving 20 people still missing.
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