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Labour leader: No place for Hinduphobia in Britain – vopbuzz

Labour leader No place for Hinduphobia in Britain vopbuzz.cms

LONDON: Labor Party leader Sir Keir StarmerExpected to be the next prime minister of the UK, Shree Swaminarayan Mandir “There is absolutely no room” at Kingsbury on Friday, he said. Hinduphobia inside Britain” and said that Labour would “form a new strategic partnership with India”.
He started his speech with “Jai Swaminarayan” and praised the British Hindus because they have not forgotten their roots, their “rich Hindu heritage and their deep commitment to Britain’s future”.
“If elected next week, we will strive to govern with the spirit of seva to serve you and a world in need,” he said. “Empowered by Hindu values, you not only make major contributions to our economy, you also bring innovation and expertise that enable us to remain competitive in the global marketplace.”
He said Labour had a record number of Hindu candidates in the general election. If elected, he said, “the whole Labour Party will stand behind the Hindu community, represent your concerns, listen to your voices, work with you on issues at home and on the global stage”.
Starmer was received by an Indian pipe band wearing Scottish garb. He performed ‘Anjali mudra’ and then performed puja including ‘abhisheka’ in the mandir, interacted with local school children and was given ‘prasad’.
Dr Neeraj Patil, chairman of Hindus for Labour, said: “It will address anti-Hindu hatred, which is very welcome. It sends a strong and positive message to the 1.7 million British Hindus that a potential Labour government will include Hindus in the growth and prosperity of this country.”
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