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‘Miracle’: Rare male-female twin elephants born in Thailand – vopbuzz

Miracle Rare male female twin elephants born in Thailand vopbuzz.cms

NEW DELHI: An Asian elephant Thailand gave birth to a rare series twinswhat caregivers describe as a miracle.
Twin elephant births are rare, and male-female twins are even rarer. Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal, where the newborn babies live, announced that this was the first such birth in the state. In the statement made by the Thai government, it was stated that this was the third appearance of male-female twins. elephants In the world.
These twins are the fourth and fifth offspring of the 30-year-old mother elephant.
Their mother, Chamchuri, gave birth to the twins on the night of June 7 at a camp in Ayutthaya, Thailand’s former capital and a popular tourist destination 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bangkok.
Buddhist monks Twin babies, a male and a female, blessed in Thailand almost ended in tragedy a week after their rare birth.
Caregivers at the camp expected to deliver a single baby, but were surprised when a second calf was born 18 minutes after the first. Elephant keepers, known as elephant keepers in Asia, had to quickly intervene to prevent the startled mother from inadvertently harming her new daughter.
Charin Somwang, one of the spectators, broke her leg while stepping between the mother and her cubs to avoid possible danger. He explained to Thailand’s Daily News that it is typical behavior for a mother elephant to step on her newborn calf and gently nudge it to check its vitality. However, the second baby, the female baby, appeared too weak to withstand this treatment.
Elephants have significant cultural significance in Thailand and have been officially declared a national symbol. Historically, Thai kings rode elephants into battle, and a white elephant, revered as a sacred symbol of royal power, adorned the Thai flag until 1917.
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