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Rupert Murdoch got married for the 5th time in a ceremony held at his vineyard in California – vopbuzz

Rupert Murdoch got married for the 5th time in a.cms

NEW YORK: Media mogul Rupert MurdochThe 93-year-old married his company for the fifth time. News CompanyIt was approved on Sunday.
Murdoch and Elena Zhukovaa 67 year old born in Russia retired molecular biologistHe got married in a ceremony held in the vineyard on Saturday. Bel Air, California. Photos of the newlywed couple were published by News Corp. The couple announced their engagement in March.
Murdoch was most recently married to model and actor Jerry Hall.They got married in 2016 and divorced in 2022.
Zhukova is the ex-wife of billionaire energy investor and Russian politician Alexander Zhukov. Their daughter Dasha was previously married to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who owns Premier League football club Chelsea.
Last fall, Murdoch resigned as leader of both Fox News’ parent company and News Corp media holdings. His son, LachlanIt took its place in a media empire that spanned continents and helped shape modern American politics.
In 1952, Murdoch inherited a newspaper from his father in his native Australia. Over the decades, he built a prominent news and entertainment company in the United States and Britain, including ownership of major newspapers such as The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal.
Founded in 1996, the 24-hour Fox News Channel has profoundly influenced television, becoming a popular news source among many conservative US viewers and politicians.
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