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A Chinese mainland spokesman said Saturday that Taiwan election results show the Democratic Progressive Party cannot represent mainstream public opinion on the island.

Commenting on the results of the Taiwan leadership and legislature elections, Chen Binhua, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said that Taiwan is China’s Taiwan.

The elections will not change the basic scenario and development trend of cross-Strait relations, will not change the common aspiration of compatriots across the Taiwan Strait to build closer ties, and will not disrupt the inevitable trend of China’s reunification, Chen said.

Chen said, “Our stance on resolving the Taiwan question and realizing national reunification is consistent, and our determination is as firm as a rock.”

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Chen said, “We will adhere to the 1992 consensus that embodies the one-China principle and firmly oppose separatist activities aimed at ‘Taiwan independence’ as well as foreign interference.”

He said the mainland calls for relevant political parties in Taiwan to promote cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, enhance cross-Strait integrated development, jointly promote Chinese culture, and pursue the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. Will work with teams, groups and people from different fields. Also the reason for national reunification.

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