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Taliban says Afghan women’s rights are internal issue ahead of UN talks – vopbuzz

Taliban says Afghan womens rights are internal issue ahead of.cms

NEW DELHI: The Taliban government has said issues related to women’s rights in Afghanistan are internal issues that it is working to address. The statement comes as the United Nations prepares to hold accession talks in Qatar, where the exclusion of Afghan women from key meetings has drawn widespread criticism.
The Taliban delegation, led by government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, will participate in the third round of talks, which will begin on Sunday. Civil society representativesOn Tuesday, some groups, including women’s rights groups, will attend separate meetings with international ambassadors and UN officials.
Mujahid stressed that the Taliban government represents all of Afghanistan and that there should be only one Afghan representative in the talks. “If Afghans are participating through several channels, it means that we are still scattered, that our nation is still not united,” he said.
The UN-led talksThe cooperation, which began in May 2023, aims to improve international coordination in relations with Taliban officials. However, the Taliban government is not officially recognized by any state, and the international community is grappling with the Taliban’s approach to Afghanistan’s new rulers; Women’s rights are an important topic of discussion.
Mujahid reiterated the Taliban’s desire to establish positive relations with all countries, but stated that no major meetings would be held in Doha. Instead, the meeting serves as an opportunity to exchange views, especially with Western countries. The agenda will focus on addressing counter-narcotics and economic issues that Taliban officials see as vital to the impoverished country’s development.
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