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London: British Foreign Minister David Cameron has expressed serious concerns about the transparency of elections in Pakistan.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron has said in a statement that we recognize the serious concerns raised about the lack of transparency of elections. People’s government must be ‘elected’ for the development of Pakistan.

He said that we are sorry that all the parties were not allowed to participate in the elections in accordance with the rules. Legal procedures were misused to prevent some political leaders from participating and to ban election symbols attributed to them.

The British Foreign Secretary said that we are also concerned about the internet outages on polling day, significant delays in the release of results and claims of irregularities in the vote counting process.

David Cameron said Britain urges Pakistani authorities to uphold basic human rights, including free access to information and the rule of law. This includes the right to a fair trial, adherence to due process and an independent and transparent judicial system free from interference.

The British Foreign Minister said that all citizens and communities of Pakistan should be represented with equal interests and justice. We look forward to achieving this and working with the incoming government of Pakistan in our shared interests.

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