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UK Labor Party says Sunak lied about tax plans in.cms

LONDON: England’s opposition labor party blamed the Prime Minister Rishi Altar He said Labor lied when it said it would raise taxes by 2,000 pounds ($2,554.40) for every family in a pre-election debate on Wednesday.
Altar – whose Conservative Party He is struggling in opinion polls ahead of the July 4 election – a figure used repeatedly in a televised debate with the Labor leader on Tuesday Keir Starmer.
Sunak’s Conservative Party last month published what it said were the “official Treasury and independent costs” of Labor policies showing a £38.5bn black hole would emerge over the next four years if Labor wins the election.
Labor denied the claim at the time and on Wednesday highlighted a letter from a senior official of the UK Exchequer, reported by the BBC. The letter stated that civil servants were not involved in the production or presentation of costs and should not be done this way. It is presented as an official estimate.
Labour’s senior economic policy official, Rachel Reeves, said: “The letter from the permanent secretary to the Treasury confirms what Labor said last night, that the prime minister lied in last night’s debate.”
Reeves rejects possibility of rate hike income tax and social security contributions to the next parliament.
He was asked by broadcasters why Starmer had not moved more quickly to challenge Sunak’s claim.
“Keir Starmer was really clear that what the Prime Minister said last night was complete nonsense. I would go further: The Prime Minister lied in the debate about Labour’s tax plans last night,” he said.
“Labor will not raise taxes on employees. I’m very clear on that.”
Sunak doubled down on his claim on Wednesday, posting a video on social media platform
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