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US says Russia’s attack on Kharkiv ‘has stopped’ – vopbuzz

US says Russia's attack on Kharkiv 'has stopped'

PARIS: US President Joe Biden National Security Advisor says Russia’s progress on Sunday Kharkiv of Ukraine It “stalled” after Washington partially lifted restrictions on the use of US-donated weapons to attack Russia.
“The momentum of the operation in Kharkiv has stalled,” Jake Sullivan told broadcaster CBS.
“Kharkiv is still under threat, but the Russians have not made material progress in that area in recent days.”
Washington gave Green light to Ukraine It will use US weapons to defend the Kharkiv region bordering Russia, overcoming previous concerns that allowing such attacks could drag the NATO military alliance into a direct conflict with Russia.
“From the president’s perspective, this was common sense,” Sullivan said.
“It didn’t make sense not to allow the Ukrainians to cross the border and open fire on Russian weapons and positions firing at Ukrainians.”
Biden, who visited France, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Paris on Friday and reiterated his support for the war-ravaged country.
Speaking on Saturday, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin “will not stop” in Ukraine.
“The whole of Europe will be threatened. We will not allow this,” Biden said to reporters with French President Emmanuel Macron after the meetings at the Elysee Palace. said.
Russian forces made their most significant territorial gains in 18 months in a major ground offensive in the Kharkiv region last month; captured many Ukrainian border villages and forced thousands from their homes.

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