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What is the conflict between iran and israel?

The Iran-Israel conflict is a longstanding and complex geopolitical dispute between the two nations, rooted in political, religious, and strategic differences. Key aspects include:

1. Nuclear program: Iran’s nuclear development raises concerns in Israel, which sees it as an existential threat.

2. Regional influence: Both nations vie for dominance in the Middle East, with Iran supporting Shia groups and Israel aligned with Sunni states.

3. Territorial disputes: Iran backs Palestinian groups, while Israel occupies Palestinian territories.

4. Ideological differences: Iran’s Islamic regime and Israel’s democratic state have fundamental ideological differences.

5. Military tensions: There have been repeated clashes, including airstrikes and proxy wars, heightening tensions.

6. Diplomatic isolation: Iran faces international sanctions, while Israel has strong ties with the US and other Western nations.

7. Religious significance: Jerusalem, a holy city for both Muslims and Jews, is a contentious issue.

The conflict has significant global implications, with ongoing efforts for diplomacy and a peaceful resolution.

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