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‘Why Prince Harry? ‘Shocking, exclusive’: War hero’s mother objects to award – vopbuzz

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Duke of Sussex Prince Harry He was awarded the Pat Tillman Award at the Invictus Games, a sporting event run by the ESPN TV network, for his work with wounded veterans. The award is named after an American war hero killed in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman’s mother has now appealed the award and expressed shock at the selection.
The mother told the Mail: “I’m shocked as to why they chose such a controversial and divisive person to receive the award.”
“There are much more qualified recipients. There are people who work in the veterans community and do tremendous things to help veterans. Those people don’t have the money, resources, and privileged connections that Prince Harry has. I think those types of people need to be recognized,” Pat Tillman said. ‘s mother.
Prince Harry will be presented with the award on July 11 in Los Angeles. A petition was also submitted asking the authorities to reconsider their choice.
What is the Pat Tillman Award?
The Pat Tillman Award honors an individual with strong ties to sports who serves others in a way that reflects the spirit of former NFL player and U.S. Army ranger Pat Tillman. Prince Harry was selected for this ward for his own military service as a forward air controller and Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. Also for Harry’s Invictus Foundation and his commitment to supporting the mental and physical health of injured soldiers through sport.
Footballer Marcus Rashford won the award in 2021 for raising money to feed schoolchildren during the Covid lockdown.
Sports analyst Pat McAfee slammed the decision, saying Prince Harry was no longer a prince. “Why would the ESPYs do something like this? You know if you do something like this, the first reaction people are going to have, sports fans and sensible, intelligent people, is going to be, ‘Hey, don’t equate our f’n guy with that guy,'” he said.
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