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Mustang condemns suicide bombing, USA (Photo: File)

Mustang condemns suicide bombing, USA (Photo: File)

Washington: The United States, while condemning the Mustang suicide attack, expressed its condolences to the bereaved families and expressed its determination to work together with Pakistan in the war against terrorism.

According to the World News Agency, during the weekly press briefing, the spokesperson of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, said that the people of Pakistan have suffered many terrorist attacks.

Matthew Miller said people buried their loved ones in the Mustang suicide bombing. Condolences to the bereaved families in this hour of grief and sorrow and pray for the speedy recovery of the injured.

In response to a question, the American spokesman said that at the beginning of the year, important issues were discussed between the United States and Pakistan, including the threat of joint terrorism, border security with Afghanistan.

Spokesman Matthew Miller reiterated his commitment to provide all possible support to Pakistan in multilateral forums in the fight against extremism.

The US spokesperson added that every citizen has the right to practice his religion and belief without fear. There is no room for religious extremism.

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