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do not support any leader or party in Pakistan;  United States

do not support any leader or party in Pakistan; United States

Washington: Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, once again reiterated that the US does not support any party in Pakistan, but only wants free and fair elections.

According to the World News Agency, Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US Department of State, asked the journalist in the weekly briefing that the chapter of the cipher has been closed, but its effects are now coming to the fore, Afghanistan’s economy has become more stable compared to Pakistan. . What is America’s position on this?

Matthew Miller said in response that I have said many times that the United States is a supporter of reforms for economic recovery and national development in Pakistan and will continue to support Pakistan in this regard.

Another journalist questioned that the US Ambassador to Pakistan has met the Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan twice in two weeks. What can be the meaning of meeting the election commissioner of any country?

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller declined to answer the question, saying that you can approach the US embassy for an answer to your question, which is certainly in a better position to answer than me. .

Mathew Miller further told the journalist that all I can say on this matter is that America is a supporter of free and transparent elections and does not support any particular party or person in Pakistan.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that they will support the government elected by the people’s votes in Pakistan.

It should be noted that when the American Ambassador Donald Bloom met with the Chief Election Officer of Pakistan, at that time the spokesperson of the American Embassy took the position that these meetings were for free and fair elections in Pakistan according to the constitution and laws of Pakistan.

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