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Xi’s first European visit in 5 years aims to rebuild relations, starting with France – vopbuzz

Xis first European visit in 5 years aims to rebuild.cms

PARIS: Chinese Prezi Xi Jinping He begins a three-nation tour of Europe on Sunday, with the continent divided over how to deal with Beijing’s growing power and the US-China rivalry. In his first visit to Europe in five years, Xi appears determined to seize opportunities to loosen the continent’s ties with the United States.
European automakers are losing ground to China’s subsidized electric vehicles. Diplomats are worried about allegations of Chinese spies in European capitals. China’s ongoing defense trade with Russia also worries the continent. But Europe and China have strong economic ties – EU-China trade is estimated at ₹2.3bn per day – and Xi appears committed to this direction rebuilding ties After a long break due to the pandemic.
Xi started Sunday in France, which wants Europe to have greater economic and strategic independence from other world powers. It then goes to Serbia and Hungary, both of which are seen as friendly to China and close to Russia. Xi’s trip will be closely watched in Washington for signs that Europe’s support for key foreign policy goals is waning. At the same time, there is growing uncertainty in Europe about US support for trans-Atlantic allies.
Xi was greeted at Paris’s Orly Airport by French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and with protests from groups demanding France pressure China to respect Tibetan and Uyghur minority rights. Activists seeking a free Tibet attempted to unfurl a banner beneath the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday and protested in the French capital around the time Xi’s plane landed. After arriving, Xi said he hoped the visit would bring “strategic rapprochement” between China and France.
On Monday, French Prez Macron will give Xi the official honor of a full state visit. They will also meet European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who is expected to join Macron for fairer trade policies and to use China’s pressure on Russia to push Russia to end the war in Ukraine. AP and NYT
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