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Yemeni Houthis said they launched a missile attack on the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in the Red Sea – vopbuzz

Yemeni Houthis said they launched a missile attack on the.cms

NEW DELHI: Yemen‘S Houthi rebels one started missile attack on US aircraft carrier Eisenhower inside Red SeaHouthi military spokesman Yahya Sari he said on Friday. The attack took place in response to the recent US and UK air strikes on Yemeni territory.
According to Saree, 16 people, including civilians, were killed and 41 injured in six attacks by the US and UK.The attacks targeted several locations in Hodeidah province, including the port of Salif, a radio building in the Al-Hawk area, Ghalifa camp and two houses.
Both US Central Command and the British defense ministry confirmed the airstrikes, saying they were carried out to deter Houthi militants from disrupting shipping in the Red Sea. The joint operation targeted 13 locations in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, with a particular focus on Hodeida, where drones and surface-to-air weapons were reportedly harbored.
While the UK defense ministry emphasized measures taken to minimize civilian casualties and damage to non-military infrastructure, Houthi spokesman Mohamed Abdelsalam condemned the attacks as a “brutal attack” on Yemen and linked them to the country’s support for Gaza.
Iran, a key ally of the Houthi rebels, also condemned the airstrikes and condemned them as a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and international law. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani held the US and British governments responsible for the consequences of “crimes committed against the Yemeni people”.
Houthi rebels, who control Yemen’s capital and major urban centres, have been carrying out a series of attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea since November in solidarity with the Palestinians amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas. These attacks have triggered retaliatory airstrikes by the US and UK since February, worsening the unstable situation in the region.
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